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    HALL of FAME
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founded 2005
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My new text...
This site is Dedicated
to "Cowboys Past."
Selection to the "COWBOY HALL of FAME" is an honor and a privilege. This country may not have been settled without the "COWBOY AND THE COWBOY HORSE".

Spanish Barb horses, who had escaped from the early spanish explorers, later cross bred with runaway thoughbred horses. The half bronc, half race horse, became a treasure to the ranch cowboy, and the Indian..

Those who have been selected to the   "Cowboy Walls of FAME", were chosen,   for their ability, performance & dedication to the preservation of   the history and image of the Cowboy, and the Cowboy Ranch Horse. To change this image, by some, would be considered sinful. WE NEED TO PRESERVE, NOT ALTER, the history of the Cowboy and the Ranch Horse he rode in on...
Archie McArthur, Leroy Kufske,
Don "FATS" Stevenson,
Al Greco, Ed McArthur,
Chuck Aylett, Don Waugh,
Slim Norseworthy,
Milo Hetherington, and all
who rode with,and after me,

thanks for the memories..
george hewitt
My new text...
In 1951, Herb Towers was one of the original founders of the Western Horse Assoc.of Ont, The W.H.A. is considered the grand daddy
of all western horse Assocs.in Canada.

Herb produced the largest 1 day Rodeo in Canada Bar 11 Ranch Rodeo, in 1956 attendence 16,000.
Robyn Hewitt
  Ontario Rodeo Association founded in 1957- BAR 11 RANCH
The book cover says it all..Leroy kufske was truely a cowboy.
Based in kitchener Ont. Leroy trained and showed top western performance horses. He was also a Blacksmith, Bronc Rider, and a   darn good Calf   Roper.

Leroy rode Broncs at the Calgary Stampede, and along with his partner, ROY IONSON, bought and sold some of the best horses to come into Ont. His book is filled with good, true, humorous stories about cowboys and their adventures.
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              Me and Arch were proud to be included in several of his stories.                                                             george hewitt
  George Hewitt         Archie   McArthur
"Craig..Get me off this #^~*> bronc"
George Hewitt

bronc riding
"Looks like a wreck coming"!
  Craig Black    
  Exeter Rodeo   1968

    ******THE 1ST FAMILY OF RODEO******
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Shirley                                 Doug
KEN         BRIAN       WAYNE       DAVE                 GARY
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Doug Doner was one of the best Bronc Riders in the country. Hardly ever beat, or bucked off. He was as good an alround hand as you would find anywhere.

All five boys were considered the best brother act in Rodeo TOUGH TO BEAT- TOUGH AS NAILS- five of the best guys you would ever meet.

Shirley Doner was a Real trouper, Not only looking   after her "brood" but always there for anyone in need. A family that deserves to be in the "Walls of Fame" is the DONER FAMILY!!
  George Hewitt   1986/87
Chuck -   George   -   GIL
Aylett     Hewitt   McGLOSKEY
My new text...
Milo Heatherington was one of the top Ont. stock contractors. He had great horses like the long time "SUPER HORSES"   "PIN EARS" and "RED FOXIE".

These 2 great horses were each rode to victory by George   Hewitt after many years of bucking off every cowboy that tried. George's ride on "PIN EARS" was reported to be the highest scored ride in Ont. Rodeo Assoc. history..
                      below -- Clem McSpadden
                  PRCA Hall of Fame Announcer
said to be "Best loved Announcer in RODEO"
                                        CLEM Mc Spadden at the SILVER SPURS RODEO                                                                     KISSIMMEE FLA.
  REUBEN GELEYNSE Ont. bull rider ,once rated
  by the P.B.R. in the top 15 bullriders in the world.

  When Reuben 1st started in pro rodeo, one of
  his 1rst, was at the Silver Spurs PRCA Rodeo
  in Kissimmee Florida.

  Although he bucked off,   "the Rider" magazine
  featured a story that was on the front page,
  predicting that Rueben would become one of
  the top bull riders in the world...and so he was!
My new text...
  Hoyt AXton, Movie star and singer song writer, was a   cowboy at heart.He passed on way too soon. A great friend of Rodeo. He touched all that he would meet.
  below action at Siver Spurs Rodeo
My new text...
ROB SMETS was   certainly one of the most respected bullfighters in Pro Rodeo.. He earned the title of "Cowboy Saver." A fearless performer, his fast action saved hundreds of cowboy bull riders.

                    more   Silver Spurs   Rodeo Action
"HE has to work on the get off".
photos of Silver Spurs Rodeo by George Hewitt
"How many times have I told him
not to grab the bull by the horns?"
"ok guys, I got him by the horns."
"Ok....now what?"
"My best pal,   ARCHIE McARTHUR. He started me in Rodeo   in 1952...
                                        A true Cowboy.
                                        A great friend.

                                        He will be
                                        george hewitt
          Ge0rge Teaching   BULL FIGHTING
                            about 1983-85
Robyn Hewitt
"ED dosen't say much does he?"
BEFORE RODEO, as we know it now, There was the WILD WEST SHOW. BUFFALO BILL, ANNIE OAKLIE were the stars.

The early days in Ont. was no exception.Tom Bishop, assembled a troup and produced rodeos and wild west shows for county fairs and small towns wherever he could.Tom and his wife had two children, Lorna and Tommy jr. By the time they could walk they became part of the show...

They never strayed from their fathers dreams. Now   half a century later,Tom jr. his wife Jan, and their three children, Sally, Sarha, and Tom Bishop the third, continue to bring the ol'time Wild West Shows to cities and towns. Shoot em up action never stops . Knife throwing, trick riding, Annie Oakly style trick shooting, and yes, even Buffalo Bill does his act.

In reality, for an hour and a half, the audience is wild, and too soon it's   over. Too soon they think, but then they, the Bishops, load up, and travel down the road to the next town, set up and start all over again. And when will Tom Bishop retire? He just smiles.
  Ed McArthur Chuckwaggon racer
      Blackpool   England   1965
My new text...
ED McARTHUR from Windsor Ont. has traveled and wrangled horses with me, for about 50 years..Over those yrs. he has travelled half way around the world.
"Come on guys are we going to work or what?"
"Do we get paid if we don't work?"
"AH' the #^*#~mike is broke."
"If Ernie Marshall was here he could fix that,George."
"boy are they dumb..talk about a couple of clowns."
"I think I just got to put this wire with this other one,Leon."
Leon                   George
          ** GREAT MINDS THINK A LIKE **
"This is my partner"
"Well it all started about 1955 in a C.B.C.TV station..I had "this partner"...
"Do you remember when you started to clown George?"
"I can't wait to hear this!'
  George Hewitt
"Tommy Twine"
  CBC TV 1955
Ernie         Leon               George
          DR. LlOYD   S. McKIBBIN....One of my best friends.
DR.L.S.McKIBBIN, has earned numerous awards. Pioneering in both equine and human treatment with laser and cyro. A life long friend since 1951. I was proud to have shared time and many good stories between the two of us.   Sadly, Doc has passed away. He was the best friend a horse and this Ol' Cowboy will ever have.
                                  .....george hewitt.......
My new text...
          ...in the beginning...
    RODEO comes to the east.,                 Ontario Canada
    Slim Norseworthy calf roper
  & raced chuckwaggons 1952-53
Don "Fats" Stevenson...a very rare buckoff ..early 1950's
  Leroy kufske   &     Archie McArthur

"Wild cow milking"                         /
        Looks like they got a "BUM STEER"
                      this time......  
  early '50's
Bruce Lawrence   great pickup man great guy. wild steer race   early 1950's
      Phil Neal Barebacks   about
              mid 1950's
      Chuck Aylett   Wild horse race
        Bar 11 Ranch Rodeo 1956
My new text...
LATE 1940's, early 1950's, RODEO was MOVING EAST. Through the efforts of people like Tom Bishop, Lou Ganzie, Bob Tweed, Roy Ionson, Wimp & Kay Jones, Herb Towers, and Sim Norseworthy. As producers,   builders, and competitors, they led the way.

One of the earliest Rodeos, the "Waterloo County Stampede," was at Lou Ganzie's farm in Blair, near Kitchener Ontario. On this site, the first permanent Rodeo Arena was built. It was here that the dream of many Ontario boys came true.

RODEO was now established in southern Ontario. The call went out. "All you wantabe cowboys, now is your chance." To every one's surprise they came. Not one or two, but dozens of first time'rs, and a few good hands like Doug Doner, Ralph Smith, Leroy Kufske Slim Norseworthy, and Archie McArthur.

At first unorganized, but the support for RODEO EXPLODED!   In 1957, led by Leroy Kufske, Archie McArthur and George Hewitt, the Ontario Rodeo Association was born at the Bar 11 Ranch, Dundas Ontario.
Roy Ionson was selected to chair the first meeting on the hill. Bill Western was to take notes, and Don Lawrence would act as treasurer, if it all went as planned., which it did...Full Story in my book, "KEEP SPURRING 'til the WHISTLE BLOWS."
                                  Archie McArthur   Leroy Kuske   Don Stevenson
                                    "wild steer race" Oxbow Rodeo late 1950's
Ralph Smith Steer Riding
Bar 11   Ranch Rodeo   1956
produced by Herb Towers
attendence 16,000
    Archie McArthur   Barebacks 1956
      Bar 11 Ranch Dundas Ontario
  Peter Van Eerd                     Peter Van Eerd
  Bull riding                                 Bare Backs           somewhere in USA   about early 1960's
  BAR 11   RANCH RODEO     1/4 mile race   1956/57
  produced by   Herb Towers
  Exeter Rodeo 1968
  George Hewitt
All around Champion,
Peterbough Ont.
early 1950's
  last ride in Rodeo - USA -1965
Enter your text here...
  International   "CHAMPIONSHIP RODEO"                           England     1965
George Hewitt's
      Lorna         Jan           Gail
      Aylett       Bishop     Hewitt
  Lorna Aylett was an all around performer,and
  one of the country's best trick riders. Lorna
  also trained and showed many   good Western
  horses. She excelled in barrel racing.

  Lorna grew up in a Rodeo family. Her father
  Tom Bishop, was a top hand in rodeo, and
  produced some of the early Rodeos and Wild
  West Shows.
          Star performers with

              George Hewitt's
  "International Championship

My new text...
Enter your text here...
Cowboys, for the most part, are trusting people. There have been a number of "misadventures" in Rodeo over the years. Two of them, I hate to admit, I was caught up in.

We have all heard stories related to "Con Artists," and how they can covince you to part with your money. Smooth or Sweetalking, is the term most use to discribe one.

During the early 1980's a company known as "High County Rodeo" became a really big setback to Rodeo in Ontario.
        Chuck Aylett & Marbles
            trick Mule act.
            England 1965
My new text...
The "International Championship RODEO" that I took to England in 1965 was another misadventure. Through the work of a "Major Con Artist, and a few well meaning, but misled individuals, 35 horses and cowboys were stranded 5,000 miles from home with little, or no money. This was a disaster for many. Now for the first time, I can finally reveal the truth. Providing never before seen documents, that will answer all the questions of the past.

For the full true, no punches pulled, story of both of these incidents, plus many other exciting, some times funny, sad, dangerous, or unbelievable stories of my numerous, real life adventures, Read my recently released autobiography titled:
"Keep Spurring 'til the Whistle Blows"
Now Lets Get Back To Ont. RODEO
            See the history of Ontario Rodeo

          Priceville.   Ontario   (519) 924-3131
Old photos - stories - and more (519) 924-3131
LEROY KUFSKE.. Bar 11 Ranch Rodeo 1957.
photo just before the wreck...... 30 days in hospital..
Russel                 Terry                
Van Plew           Jenkins                
  Tom               Robyn            
  Bishop           Hewitt
My new text...
And through it all, the 4"B" RANCH "WILD WEST SHOW" continues to play to packed houses. Tom Bishop Has never forgotten that audiences want to be entertained.

In reality, as we move into the 21st century, the 4 "B" Ranch Wild West show, is truly an entertaining program. No longer with RODEO events, but now dedicated to reliving the old days. Trick riding, roping, & western acts, that have included, the world Famous "CANADIAN COWGIRLS.".... That's the fast paced, exciting show of yesterday, that you will enjoy today. This is a must see Family Show
                        *** above are some of the castmembers.***
                                1957   --   1982
Enter your text here...
  The "RIDER MAGAZINE" Has over the years, been the biggest suporter, of not only RODEO, but the world of western horses throughout Canada.

A tribute to first, the Hon.Col. Aidan W. Finn, ( yes we in Ontario were blessed with two Col.s. Who could ever forget the late "Col. Albert Greco?" Aidan recently retired, handed the printing presses over to his son, the "HIGH FLYING" BARRY FINN...

Barry and "the Rider," continue to devote much time and effort in suport of Western Horses. For that, and other reasons, "the Rider" is the 1st publication to be installed into the Ontario Cowboy "HALL of FAME".
If you have any old Ont. Rodeo Photos/ stories etc. or nominations for hall of fame. Please contact me

      em     jawranglerok@aol.com
"Thanks to   Kay Jones, Herb Towers, Craig Black, and others, for their support and providing some of the OLD photo's of Ontario Rodeo."
My new text...
7,800 people lined the outdoor arena in Waterloo Ontario, for the 1st ever RODEO in Waterloo. They were not disapointed as a full line up of Rodeo events took place.     1955/56
My new text...
Cowboy Hall of Fame
Cowboy Hall of Fame
                                  ***Inducted Members below ***
"Cowboy Section"
"B-P"- Builders/ promoters
"S-C"- Stock contractors
  Lorna Aylett
  Jackie Kufske
  Sue Kinsella
  Shirley Doner
  Dixie Roads
  Joan Ionson
  Kay Jones
  Audry Whitley
  Nancy Shirley
"SC"- Gregg Hines
"SC"- Dick Smiley Welsh
"BP"- Lou Ganzie
"SC"- Milo Heatherington
"BP"- Col. Al Greco
"BP"- George Hewitt
"BP"- Archie McArthur
"BP"- Tom Bishop
"BP"- Tom Bishop Jr.
"BP"- Ken Mathews
"BP"- Don Lawrence
"BP"- Dusty Roads
"BP"- Roy Ionson
"SC"- Earl Whitehead
"BP"- Walter Hellyer
"BP"- Herb Towers
"BP"- Bob Tweed
"SP"- Bill Leggette
"SC"- Mel Wakefield
"BP"- Wimp Jones
"BP"- John Royal
"BP"- Bob Davies
Leroy Kufske
Archie McArthur
George Hewitt
Chuck Aylett
Don "fats" Stevenson
Slim Norseworthy
Bruce Lawrence
Ralph Smith
Peter Van Eerd
Doug Doner
Barry Ellis
Joe Farren
Stan Delibar
John MacKenzie
Fred MacKenzie
"Stoney" Burke
Craig Black
Ken Doner
Brian Doner
Wayne Doner
Dave Doner
Gary Doner
Ray Smith
Paul Garrison
Joe Alexander
Ruben Geleynse
Terry Dunk
Alex Dunseth
Don Waugh
              RODEO STOCK  
**"Pinears"   bareback bronc)
*"Red Foxie"   bareback bronc)
        both owned by
**Milo Heatherington "S-C")
      Special Section
  Supporters/Contributers "SC"
    & Special service.- "SpS"
    Aidan & Barry Finn

  Terry Jenkins   per:
  Canadian Cowgirls
  Dr.Lloyd S.McKibbin
  Dr. Stone       "MD"
  Dr. Steward     "MD"
  Hoyt Axton   "Actor"
  Ed McArthur     "SpS"
  Kay Jones       "SpS"
  Wimp Jones     "SpS"
  Nancy Shirley   "SpS"
  Nelson Bilyea   "SpS"
        **Thanks for visiting**
        Submit Names now
        for induction 2012
  Gary Crosby--Rick Parker
  Barry Thompson--
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